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Monday, October 19, 2009

kitchenaid 56-oz. polycarbonate 5-speed blender - blue willow


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Kitchenaid KSB560BW 5-speed kitchen blender in blue willow. The unique pitcher shape, patented blade and powerful 0.9 horsepower motor provide fast, consistent blending that can crush a pitcher of ice within seconds. In fact, this model is the most powerful premium blender currently available. Patented stainless steel blade tines are positioned on four different planes for fast, thorough and consistent blending. Blade assembly is built into pitcher for easy handling and cleanup. Commercial-quality, steel-reinforced coupler with 12 interlocking teeth provides direct transfer of motor power to the blade. Built for continual blending, advanced airflow design keeps blender cool during continued use. Heavy, die-cast metal base ensures stable, quiet operation when blending. Plus, four rubber feet on wide base provide a nonslip, non-marring grip. Pitcher contours direct ingredients into the blade for fast, thorough blending. The 56-ounce one-piece pitcher is made of commercial-grade polycarbonate. It is scratch, stain and shatter-resistant. The handle features a soft inner grip for comfortable, nonslip control. The pitcher's built-in drain holes eliminate food traps and the need to disassemble - which makes cleaning easier. The Intelli-Speed controls and adjusts power to compensate for thicker mixtures. Automatic Crush Ice Button pulses at staggered intervals at an optimal speed to increase blade contact with ice and improve crushing efficiency. Smooth, seamless control pad wipes clean in an instant.



Technical Details

- Patented stainless steel blade tines

- Commercial-quality, steel-reinforced coupler

- Advanced airflow design

- Heavy, die-cast metal base

- Smooth, seamless control pad

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Customer Buzz


 "Awesome !!!!!!" 2009-10-19

By Darren Cunningham

I have been looking for a good blender for months. Finally two co-workers recommended this blender, so i got it and I have NOT been disappionted. Kithen aid is great. If you are looking for a blender that will destory ice and mix anything this blender is it. I highly recommend this blender>>>>

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 "works good, looks good" 2009-10-15

By H. Hunter (Los Angeles, CA)

I like this blender so far. It's great for smoothies. You definitely need some liquid to get things moving in there, but it chops, purees, etc just fine. Also great for homemade pesto!

It is a bit noisy, but not bad. And it's a very good looking appliance! I ordered it in blue.

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 "weak!" 2009-10-15

By Betty

The blender seemed good at first but the washer broke on it ~10-20 uses in. We were only using it to make fruit smoothies and always had liquid in with the frozen fruit. There doesn't seem to be a way to fix or replace it so now we are back on the market looking for a new blender.

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 "High quality as expected" 2009-10-08

By Dana Van Horn (Moab, UT USA)

I used my mom's 1966 (wedding present) Oster blender until about 5 years ago. I purchased a new Oster to replace it. It died recently. I bought the "retro" Oster beehive blender from and it literally fell apart days after use. I returned it to for a refund and bought this blender. It is everything I wanted and more. Great functions like the "crush ice" and the pulse mode. Heavy base, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, tight fitting lid. It has the quality that you would expect from a KitchenAid Product. I own a stand mixer, hand mixer, food processor, and now the blender. Worth every dime.

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 "Totally disappointing experience" 2009-10-07

By C. D. French (Sauratown Mtn, NC)

I bought this blender because the information on the box said it was of commercial-use quality and I would need a blender several times a day to puree foods for a dysphagia diet. With the very first use there was a problem with food chunks clumping around the walls of the convex curves of the container and not moving into the blades. By continually adding liquid and using a spatula every few seconds, I finally was able to force a blend of small chunks and pudding-like consistency, but this is not pureed. I tried every setting, pulse and leaving it on for a minute at a time, but never achieved a puree consistency of anything attempted.

It is easy to clean, thus the one star. Also, the base is heavy-duty and it did not skitter across the counter-top. It did, though the owner's manual said it would not do this, make a nasty noise and jerk when starting up. Many times, it sounded as if it were running at high speed and the blades might not be turning. Often the food did not move at all while the blades were whirring--the food was out of reach along the walls. It was quite noisy, as much as my old blender.

My 1970's Hamilton Beach has begun smoking and slowing down when used, and this was to replace it, but after an hour of failures to puree anything completely, I washed the KitchenAid and put it back into the box and will get a refund. I'm back to searching for something to puree 5-6 meals a day, but nothing with KitchenAid name on it, unless I see a substantial improvement on design.

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